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Suburban school districts offer yellow bus transportation for 十大彩票平台 students residing within 15 miles of the school. New 十大彩票平台 students or those who are new to the bus service must register for transportation with their local district by April 1st. You can find the most frequently used district numbers listed below. For districts not mentioned, please search online to find the relevant contact information. Students who live more than 1.5 miles from 十大彩票平台 within Buffalo city limits are eligible for a free Metro bus pass. To apply, contact the 十大彩票平台 main office at 716-885-6780 or email

After receiving confirmation from your local district, please inform the 十大彩票平台 main office that your child will be using the bus service. It's essential to notify the office about any changes in your child’s bus usage throughout the school year, including if they cease using the service. In case of bus delays, keep your bus company or district's contact number handy, and consider saving it in your child’s cell phone.

Be aware that there may be instances when a school district does not provide transportation on days when Buffalo Seminary is open. To avoid confusion, review your district's calendar and contact your district office for any clarifications.


In addition, 十大彩票平台 can help connect new families for possible carpool opportunities.